We are CREWS

Canadian Rail Equipment Works & Services

CREWS is a growing freight rail service company located in Ontario, Canada.

CREWS offers an array of services to industrial customers that rely on the railway to transport and receive their raw goods and/or finished products. We work persistently to ensure the safe and effective transportation, or storage, of your goods.

We are a CN Top Tier Partner. 
Our inspectors and maintainers are certified. We provide safe and reliable services to our customers, while doing our best to keep industry on track.



Canadian Rail Equipment Works and Services Inc. railyard is open for business.

Acres Site in Johnstown Ontario
Rail Car
Million Consumers Within One Day's Trucking Time

Always moving toward sustainable solutions.

CREWS is committed to incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our operations by supporting our partners within their leadership roles in environmental trust and community involvement. CREWS offers first and last mile rail service and is strategically located for railcar storage, staging and transloading to create efficiency for our rail, trucking, and port partners. We continue to implement sustained investments to our facilities while engaging with government and regulatory authorities to ensure necessary approvals and permits are obtained to facilitate completion of infrastructure investment projects. We also believe sustainability begins with a focus on safety in which we remain steadfast, acting with integrity and treating people with respect, always.

CREWS’ contributions to economic flourishing and sustainable growth in the communities we work in affirm our standing as a trusted and strategic partner of federally regulated service providers. By partnering with groups promoting ecological well-being such as Tree Canada, CREWS is able to extend its reach to achieve broad impacts. This collaborative approach, from all levels of our organization, drives our unified vision in achieving our long-term sustainability goals.