Listed below are freight rail services we currently offer. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Us today to inquire about whether we can accommodate your company's needs.
Railcar Storage

CREWS specializes in railcar storage. We currently offer storage options in our Johnstown railyard (Phase I Capacity of 230 Railcars). Phase II is currently under development and is expected to be operational in 2019, with a capacity for approximately 300 railcars. This railyard stores products for various industries including, fuel and food grade. CREWS is also in the process of expanding their storage options in other locations in Ontario.

CREWS offers an operating service providing in-plant switching and railcar placement. We are currently operating on industrial owned infrastructure in Cardinal, Cornwall and Johnstown, Ontario.


CREWS offers transloading services which will allow our customers to transfer their product from railcar to truck, or truck to railcar, at our Johnstown storage site. CREWS is also a CN Transload Partner.


With a close affiliation to Jones Rail Industries Ltd., we can also offer high quality repairs, regular maintenance and inspection to rail infrastructure, while ensuring an efficient, reliable and ultimately safe service.

Additional Services